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With Fifty Shades of Grey being made into a movie, I’ve tried to raise awareness how this book is not about BDSM, but rather domestic and sexual abuse. Many women argue that the relationship in the book is BDSM, but that paints BDSM in a bad light.

BDSM is a community that believes in safety & comfort. Consent is always necessary, and partners take care of each other. After acts and roleplays, partners comfort each other to help transition out of that zone. FSOG does not include any of this. Mr. Grey gives Anastasia (a then-virgin) an ultimatum; to sign a contract or leave. She is sexually inexperienced (being a virgin) and he manipulates that to push her boundaries to make it seem like the sexually violent things he is doing to her are okay. There are instances where after an act, he is mad at her for being upset, but does not comfort her. He uses alcohol to sway her consent – this is by law rape. There is also an instance where she uses the safe word, yet he continues. That is consent being retracted, and Christian ignores the retraction of consent. That is sexual assault.

Those are not the only problematic instances. Anastasia begins to hide things in fear of Christian’s anger. He becomes jealous and easily angered. Anastasia fears for her safety. Experts have even matched her behavior with that of abused women, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s description of partner violence.

This book completely throws people who participate in BDSM completely under the bus by misrepresenting BDSM as a whole. Bad people do sneak into BDSM to find a way to escape persecution for their violent ways, but the majority of those in BDSM are not abusive, like this book would have you believe.

This book romanticizes and fetishizes abuse, and painting abuse in a ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’ light is really dangerous for women. 1 in 5 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, that’s why this book should not be defended. Making this behavior seem okay to accept from a man is dangerous, and people will be influenced to dabble in ‘BDSM,’ but not have an actual idea of what it is, and they will get hurt.

I know many women (and men) defend this book and don’t understand how it can be seen as abuse, but it is. And I hope more awareness will be raised so this does not influence others. I plan on organizing to hand out pamphlets on domestic and sexual abuse and safety in the BDSM community, maybe even informative pamphlets on the real Fifty Shades of Grey, on the release date of the movie, and I hope others will as well.

Edit: Just want to say thanks to those who gave me gold, I will definitely pass that on! I have gotten a lot of hate for this post, but I’m happy some of you support it!

Edit 2: I’ve tried to reply to every single comment. I’ve noticed a pattern of comments in defense of FSOG I’ll address because I have to go do homework and can’t reply anymore.

“Women aren’t toddlers, they can decide what they like for themselves.” or “Who are you to decide what women should read?” I never once implied women (or men) are toddlers and can’t decide what they like, and I never once implied that I am the ultimate decider telling people what they should or shouldn’t read. It is up to every individual what they want to read, never anyone else. The point of this post is to point out how FSOG is problematic, not to police anyone’s reading habits.

“It’s just a book, jfc!” Yeah, it’s just a book…that perpetuates the idea that women love being dominated. A book that perpetuates and romanticizes domestic abuse, which is already incredibly high, under the guise of ‘fun’ and ‘sexy’ BDSM.

“There are movies about murder, wanna censor those too, you facist??” There is a difference between a book that can be written without abuse and get the same point across, but still includes abuse that is romanticized and fetishized to the Nth degree, that perpetuates a problem that is already way too normalized, and a movie about murder. If you think this, you don’t seem to understand where the line is drawn. People don’t leave the Purge thinking, “Damn! I want to go on a murder spree!” But women (and men) will leave a FSOG showing and think, “Damn! I want to try BDSM!” When it was never BDSM.

“So what if women like to read about/act out rape?? It doesn’t matter!!” Kinks and fetishes do not exist within a vacuum. They have real life effects on the real world. Rape play creates demand for rape porn. Rape porn gives people Here’s a link about how porn in general shapes the ideas of sexuality: http://www.mincava.umn.edu/documents/arpornography/arpornography.html#idp7024288 with included quote: “There are limits to what research can tell us about the complex interactions of mass media and human behavior. But from both laboratory research and the narratives of men and women, it is not controversial to argue that pornography can: (1) be an important factor in shaping a male-dominant view of sexuality; (2) be used to initiate victims and break down their resistance to unwanted sexual activity; (3) contribute to a user’s difficulty in separating sexual fantasy and reality; and (4) provide a training manual for abusers.” If you aren’t convinced, here is another link on how porn shapes the sexualities of those under 18 with included sources: http://pornharmsresearch.com/2013/12/talking-points-pornography-and-criminal-behavior-and-attitudes-research/ There are studies that prove rape porn decreases the amount of rapes that actually happen when mass consumed (the same happens when a violent movie is just released; violent crimes decrease. It’s satiating the potential perpetrator) but at the same time, these sources show that rape porn also creates new demand for rape, and new potential rapists. It’s more important to stop the cycle.

“It’s not my/their fault they like (insert kink)! I’m/They’re just born that way! It’s a part of sexuality!” No, it isn’t. No one is born with kinks or fetishes. Those are learned behaviors, usually by something in the childhood. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_fetishism Refer to ‘Psychological origins and development.’ (If you want to complain about it being wikipedia, click the citation, it takes you to the URL for the source.) Fetishes and kinks are most likely either conditioning and socialization, or events that shaped your sexuality. If you liken it to sexuality, you’re no different than those who liken pedophilia to sexuality, when it in fact has nothing to do with sexuality.

“Using alcohol isn’t rape! (Insert definition of rape) That’s rape!” Thank you, I know what rape is. But if you think this, you seem to be forgetting the key to rape: consent. And under law, consent can not be given while the person is under the influence. No consent = rape. Plain and simple. If you want to argue more, please gain a basic understanding of consent and consent laws before commenting again.

I think I’ve covered all the basics. I want to thank everyone again who supported me, and all those who gave me gold. It will definitely be paid forward to other deserving Redditors! I hope you all have a wonderful night. :)

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    snd.sc I got bored and made this song, hope it gives you a little laugh =] And for those asking, the song contains around 57 meme references (including the crappy autotune). I don’t know the exact number because people keep giving me different answers lol. Also, while I’m not a very good singer, I do know how to use autotune. However, I chose to use it poorly in this song as a reference to all the bad autotune in the past few years (ie Rebecca Black) Thanks for watching! —LYRICS— Today is not Friday Sorry Becca Black you’ll have to wait Lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate (Gunshot) MMMM, whatcha say? Call the cops, you dun goof’d Somebody quick make a Joker spoof Hide yo kidz, hide ya wife Peanut butter jelly time How many memes can I fit in this song? Over 9000 by time I’m done The sun went down better drink my piss Hey, I heard u like mudkipz? Problem? Jelly? U mad brah? Ohhh, u fancy huh? Soulja Boy, Dougie, and Jerk Magnets – how do they work?! 241543903 I just lost the game And you just lost it too You can never win Just continue But you must admit Although you’re getting trolled It’s still better than Getting Rick Rolled Yo don’t tase me bro Why don’t you leave Britney alone?? I do not know now what do Pancake rabbit, waffle blue Ewww… Don’t you mean carrot? All these memes, I can hardly bare it Epic beard man on a bus All your base are belong to us! 2 words: Leroy Jenkins Charlie bit my finger again Charlie Sheen still WINNING I should change my pants ’cause …

    The Meme Song

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    I love elephants. They are so intelligent and wonderful. I don’t understand why anyone would ever think of killing them for their tusks. I would rather have the creature (in a perfect world where genetic engineering could produce dog-sized elephants), not some “precious” substance.A baby elephant loves having a bath

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    Naruto AMV – The Life of Kakashi
    Hey everybody! I finally was able to get this vid on YouTube! I posted a dispute claim and got my video to be uploaded! Sweet! No more beating around the bush! Enjoy! (song- “Rebirthing” by Skillet) (Intro Song – “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love” by Van Halen) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. This video is being used under fair use.

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