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What were they thinking, oh I forgot they are Russian. Major Double Fail. Please Join Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Ouch! Stupid Kids Go Downhill In a Wooden Spool IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE This girl can hardly walk with heels on and she’s a model + SHE FALLS! Anonymous America’s Next Top Model Can’t Walk in Heels next on Ray William Johnson Other Funny Videos This Week on Youtube: by RayWilliamJohnson VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO! POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4! by smosh Annoying Orange – Dr. Bananas by realannoyingorange Justin bieber interview fail and super beach fail MUST SEE Justin bieber interview fail and super beach fail MUST SEE ? ? Videos That Are Somewhat Related ? ? Most Awesome Christmas Pwnage Funny Kids fails Kids React to Viral Videos #2 (Leave Britney Alone, Trololo, Berries and Cream, Japanese Commercial) The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright (Lyrics) Call Of Duty World At War Two Kids FAIL The 100 most watched videos on YouTube! (Die 100 meist gesehenen YouTube Videos!) kid plays instrument awesomely EPIC MUST WATCH Birthday Fails Kids React to Viral Videos #1 (Double Rainbow, Obama Fail, Twin Rabbits, Snickers Halloween) kids trying to trick shot but fail Greatest Compilation of Kids Failing! Funny Video” Spider-Man Cigarettes Candy Fail Toys Review by Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia Perfect Tactical Nuke Fail MW2 Unbelievable Most Funny Ski Crashes Ever-EPIC FAIL CuteWinFail, Ep 40: OCD Pup Funny Kids and Baby Fail Kids …

Stupid Kids Roll Downhill In a Wooden Spool

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snd.sc I got bored and made this song, hope it gives you a little laugh =] And for those asking, the song contains around 57 meme references (including the crappy autotune). I don’t know the exact number because people keep giving me different answers lol. Also, while I’m not a very good singer, I do know how to use autotune. However, I chose to use it poorly in this song as a reference to all the bad autotune in the past few years (ie Rebecca Black) Thanks for watching! —LYRICS— Today is not Friday Sorry Becca Black you’ll have to wait Lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate (Gunshot) MMMM, whatcha say? Call the cops, you dun goof’d Somebody quick make a Joker spoof Hide yo kidz, hide ya wife Peanut butter jelly time How many memes can I fit in this song? Over 9000 by time I’m done The sun went down better drink my piss Hey, I heard u like mudkipz? Problem? Jelly? U mad brah? Ohhh, u fancy huh? Soulja Boy, Dougie, and Jerk Magnets – how do they work?! 241543903 I just lost the game And you just lost it too You can never win Just continue But you must admit Although you’re getting trolled It’s still better than Getting Rick Rolled Yo don’t tase me bro Why don’t you leave Britney alone?? I do not know now what do Pancake rabbit, waffle blue Ewww… Don’t you mean carrot? All these memes, I can hardly bare it Epic beard man on a bus All your base are belong to us! 2 words: Leroy Jenkins Charlie bit my finger again Charlie Sheen still WINNING I should change my pants ’cause …

The Meme Song

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