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Our 116 children need your help to get education and live properly – our orphanage was destroyed!

Our story Our lovely orphanage was completely destroyed during this conflict here in Slavyansk, Ukraine.


More than 116 children have become homeless overnight, and have problems now in getting education or even a shelter.

We have moved them away to another major city in Ukraine but from September we need our own place and to provide for their education.

We also saw first-hand:

  • so much political hatred, victims being innocent people, especially these children without any support

  • so many people, innocent people getting killed due to actions of Ukrainian army and separatists

  • corruption of deputies and politicians. It puts tears in my eyes, they refused to help us and in fact have grabbed a part of our funds even when it comes to children’s home. We cannot speak against them because they are like mafias.

We are completely hopeless and broken now. One of our friends from abroad suggested us to use Reddit and crowfunding site, Indigogo, to raise money.


Please ask us about situation in our country, about our views. And please support us by contributing to Indigogo project. Your small contribution can help change the life of 116 kids.

Please, we have unfortunately less time, and we request your help. Spread the word and please contribute in any way you can.

Additional Some photos: http://imgur.com/a/uxLto#0

/u/Archduke5 here helping them communicate themselves. I have done an IamA here

Edit #2:

We have decided that once we reach the goals, we are going to build our children’s home website, with gallery of children activities, milestones and monthly audit records – in English language as well. Also, you could get in touch with us through the website, and we can organize a free excursion with the kids if you ever come to Ukraine!

Edit #3: For adoption question and interests, please at least outline the age, gender of the kid etc. That’d make me easier to address your questions.

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