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Our really stupid and hilarious video game audio/video bloopers from a game called A Rai of Darkness that we epicly failed at creating back at around 2006. Why we decided to wait and release this until now? Because I had it hidden away on an ancient myspace account that I just remembered the password to lol. Bloopers made by Ryan Young, Kyle Dunsmoor, Trevor Ducharme, and Dylan Young (me). Make Sure to Check out our freebie website at www.freeblie.com

Stupid Hilarious Video Game Bloopers: A Rai of Darkness

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Game description: A pair of wendigo living in the Antarctic.Their home have been occupied by a group of terrible darkness monster.Those dark monsters are very atrocious.Wendigo Brothers were brutally treated by them.They were going to the people expelled brothers from their home.The Wendigo brothers decided to resist the continuation of the wendigo race.To defend their own beautiful survival of Antarctic homeland with their blood and sweat.You must lighten all stone with paw print along the way,or it will not able to complete the level even if you\’ve reached exit.

Wendigo Brothers – flash game

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Game description: Digital baby Kung Fu game specially made for kids between of 8~14 years’ old. It’s much easier to operate and the adventure is even more exciting! Honglian Knight monster is joining in this game, the Wizard of Darkness uses powerful screen-sweeping magic with which anyone who was attacked will be beat down. What are you waiting for? Come on, take up the challenge!

Digital Baby 2 – flash game

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During the rare event of an eclipse, our city is under attack. Drive your tank into the darkness, and shoot down the waves of incoming enemies. Beware, strange forces come out at night.. Features 12 waves of side-scrolling action Never seen before shooter in the darkness Enemies with different weapons and strategies Normal version and Hard Mode 17 Upgrades and 6 Achievements Automatic High-score system

Eclipse Assault- flash game

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