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Game description: There is a reason as to why soccer has become the most popular sport on the face of the planet, and one of them is all the excitement a game of soccer can provide. With the Euro 2012 championship being just finished, it is the perfect time to sit back, enjoy yourself and relax with a few games of Soccer Stadium Jigsaw. Taking you away from the loud cheers of the crowd and vuvuzelas, this game simply asks one thing of you, and one thing only: put together a puzzle of a soccer stadium. There are four different difficulty modes to choose from ranging from easy to expert, with each one increasing the number of puzzle tiles. You have a time limit to solve the puzzle, although you can choose to turn it off. At any time during the game you can check out the image preview in order to compare, and there is a shuffle button for whenever you are ready to start the challenge. To assemble the puzzle, simply use the mouse to move individual pieces by clicking and holding on them.

Soccer Stadium Jigsaw – flash game

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[SERIOUS] Over a year after I separated from my husband, he finally gave up trying to get me back and decided to hire someone to kill me instead. Luckily, the police were notified and an elaborate sting was set up to catch him, which included them pretty much faking my murder. Two days ago, my ex husband received a ten year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder.

If this looks familiar, I did do an AMA on this a while back, but was advised to take it down since the case wasn’t completely settled at the time (posting it at the time was probably pretty stupid of me). Please forgive me if my formatting isn’t perfect, I’m usually more of a lurker on Reddit.

This has gotten so much bigger than I ever expected. Please be patient with me, I am trying to answer as many questions as possible, and do so as coherently as possible.

My Proof:I’ve sent verification to the mods privately.

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BMX Bike Pro is outstanding free online BMX game. This free game is terrific for every one that likes BMX games and Jigsaw games. In this cool game there is a nice image of a BMX, sneakers and a helmet. When you press on the button – shuffle, this image will split into many pieces. The number of pieces is different in different modes. There are totally four modes: easy mode – 12 pieces, medium – 48 pieces, hard – 108 pieces and expert mode – 192 pieces. After you choose the mode you can start playing the game. Al you need is your mouse. Drag the pieces with your mouse to the right position. You can select more pieces than one using Ctrl plus left click. Also you can choose to play time limited or you can turn the time off. If you choose to play time limited than you have to finish the game within the given time or you will lose. Don’t let that happened. You can preview the image whenever you want and you can turn the sound on whenever you want. Now press shuffle and start playing this brand new BMX game on the net. Concentrate and enjoy!

BMX Bike Pro – flash puzzle game

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