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Hey guys! This is the first FAIL COMPILATION of 2012 The best fails of the year 2011 in ONE compilation! The best fails of 2011! Dont forget to rate and to give us a little feedback in the comments! The coolest,funniest and greatest comment will be shown so take YOUR CHANCE! We hope you enjoy the video. And if you like to see your fail in the next compilation or the next special, just upload the video and sent us the link. Thats all! Great Fail Compilations and Specials will blow you away… Subscribe,rate and comment if you want more funny stuff! Thanks for your support! featured comment by: youtube.com/DigitalMercury -WTFailable Productions- _________________________________________________________ ————————————————————————— EXTRA TAGS: Fail Compilation 2011 WTFailable Best Fails of 2011 Fail Compilation 2011 Fail Compilation 2012 funny Fail Compilation January 2012 Lol Epic Owned Noob top 100 win fail video january february march april may june july agust septemper october november december montage stunts smash crash pwn 2012 faceplant WTF fat people falling Win Ownage pain Best of Fails 2011 10


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