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Game description: Numerous penguins are attacking panda’s bamboo garden! Those penguins are planning to settle down there, and thus they’re beginning to produce snow in the bamboo garden, which greatly irritated the panda. Now help Panda warrior to fight against those penguins! A fun exciting adventure game, enjoy it!

Bushido Panda flash game


Robo Parking Zone is the new and exclusive game of Free-Skill-Games.com. Do you park well in the town? Then test your skills working as a parker at the factory that produces cars.There are good driving and great gameplay in this colorful game.

robo parking zone


The electric eye beautiful young girl in the study column produces the third department silk gauze! The boy student fascinated by her this time, none could run away! See that the stair can be had, there are different boy students , girl students and teacher. See that boy student lives he is not set free , to him ” discharge ” , until heart being full, after being accepted this of obeying by you, he will only listen to you! If this boy student has had her lover already, you need to rob with other girl students, choose the boy student to him ” discharge ”, the right key of the Genius mouse is hit furiously, until beating back the girl student of the enemy. When you collect nine heart neatly , you can have limitless glamor , make the boy student crazy in the twinkling of an eye!The mark is different, final results will be different!

Beach Flirting flash game


I love elephants. They are so intelligent and wonderful. I don’t understand why anyone would ever think of killing them for their tusks. I would rather have the creature (in a perfect world where genetic engineering could produce dog-sized elephants), not some “precious” substance.A baby elephant loves having a bath


The NARUTO Music Video Series Trailer by Spigy
===========!!!COMMENT & RATE!!!=========== Here it is ladies and gents! The start of my Naruto MV series. I plan to take it far so I hope it happens. I can’t promise that it will be an easy ride, but my “fan-base” is so small the expectations are not that high anyway :D Seriously, I plan to release a major video every month. These are either: Trailer – about 2 and a half minutes AMV – above 8, around 10 minutes if possible. From this trailer you will get the main idea of how things will go. One trailer and AMV for every season of Naruto Shippuuden using Motion Picture (Trailer) style music. Yes, that includes fillers as well. But, every now and then I will also get into the movies and specials like Kakashi Gaiden. So basically everything will be up here. I hope to please my existing “fans” and welcome any new faces, comments and ratings :) -AUDIO: X-ray Dog – Here Come The King X-ray Dog – Dethroned -PLOT: In this trailer you will see that Naruto has returned from his years of training with Jiraiya. He and Sakura must face off against Kakashi to test themselves while in an other land Akatsuki visits the Jinchuuriki of the One Tailed Beast. That’s right folks Gaara is back in action! Note: This trailer is actually the one I cared the least about, but you’ll see. :P NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED – VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND IT IN NO WAY PRODUCES ANY INCOME


Gr8 Racing flash game


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