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What it Platcore?! Well Platcore a platformer/avoid style of gameplay, you play as a Platbot which is a testing robot for Platcore, and Platcore will be using you to test out their newest products, which come in the form of things which aren’t exactly your friend (Lasers, turrets, even bigger lasers, and evil things!). You play in a test chamber and your sole aim is to stay alive and survive the testing procedures, remember though, your robot is dispensable so there are MANY robots to play as if yours gets destroyed. The games soundtrack is synced up to the Platcore AI, so when the soundtrack goes boom, something else is going boom, and it’s likely to hit you in the face. If you chose the wrong control scheme, just reload the game and you’ll be able to pick it again! :) Be warned, if you skip through the tutorial – you can’t get it back without deleting your save file! So read! If you’re experiencing lag – right click and turn the quality down! This is important as a few people experience lag for a reason unknown to me!

Platcore – flash game


ail Compilation March 2012 || TNL
NOTE: TwisterNederland12 is a fake channel!!! He just rips the videos from dumpert.nl and claims he is the real TNL. I uploaded this video without the watermark, without any editing done and perfectly synced. Who is the real TwisterNederland now? The one and only fail compilation returns. This time almost 10 minutes long. Enjoy the video. I know you will!!! Single video channel youtube.com Website: twisternederland.com Facebook facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

Fail Compilation March 2012 || TNL


The Big Bay Boom Firework Show in San Diego for 2012 was a “Big Bay Bust”. There was a technical problem and ALL of the fireworks went off within 30 seconds. The original Big Bay Boom was set to last about 15 minutes. Here is a 30 second video I recorded of The Big Bay Boom 2012. Thanks Chris and Karl Strauss Brewing for the party! Love the Windansea Wheat. www.karlstrauss.com www.philsbbq.net Story: I was at a party for Karl Strauss Brewing, AMAZING VIEW of the Bay. So at the party we had just turned off the lights and were listening to the radio station 105.7 the walrus which does a soundtrack to the firework show. They had just announced that the show was 5 mins. away. I had been adjusting my camera, getting all set up to record the entire show, when all of a sudden ALL THE FIREWOKRS WENT OFF. I quickly adjusted my camera and started recording. You can hear in the video if you listen closely “It looks like a finale”. Everyone thought it was just an awesome intro for the Big Bay Boom Firework show, which is really amazing each year I watch. There are 4 locations, Shelter Island (shown on the right), Harbor Island (shown on the left), North Embarcadero (Shown in the center) and South Embarcadero (not really seen but behind Shelter Islands Show), and are all synced to go off at the same time with the same shows. With the 20 min. Firework Show going up in a blaze 5 mins early and only lasting 30 seconds, a lot of people became very upset over what happened. I found it …

2012 Big Bay Boom San Diego Firework Show


Naruto AMV [Monster] -Full-
|�|�|�|The-Saiyan-Fan-Production|�|�|�| Damn youtube Out of sync a little bit :/ Hope you enjoy.Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Anything

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Oh Yeah, its that time of season again.. lets get this trick and treating started ...

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