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http://i.imgur.com/FkZsLzN.jpg I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months. The dress is a pattern I designed with a commonly used pineapple stitch. Here’s a video of my process: http://youtu.be/edFt9Ug5RmY. The dress was practically free because I didn’t spend much money on it (under $30 for all of the materials including fabric for the lining) and I didn’t spend much extra time on it. My commute time couldn’t be used for anything else anyway. The dress is also machine washable (I’ve washed it several times), doesn’t wrinkle or need any special care, and I plan on wearing it again with linings of different colors and with the train bustled up in different ways.

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Do I get bonus points? This happened less than an hour ago and I’m still laughing.

I had been expecting a delivery all day, but I had to get ready for work. “I’ll grab a fast shower, what can go wrong?” Ha. Hahaha. I was shaving my legs when I heard the doorbell ring repeatedly, and my 120-lb German Shepherd going ballistic. I knew this was a delivery I would have to sign for, so I leapt out of the shower, fumbled for my glasses, and threw on a towel. I didn’t notice that I was still dripping soap at this point. (This is important later on).

I THOUGHT I locked my dog in my room as I ran to the door, but I guess the door didn’t shut all the way (also important). So I opened the front door, hiding behind it to maintain some decency as I scribble and drip on the pad the poor driver offered me. Then I hear it- the dreaded sound of paws racing across hard wood. My moron dog slips in a puddle of soap, looses his footing, and crashes into the door, sending me, towel, and scribble pad flying. I landed on my ass, naked as the day I was born and sopping wet, sitting on the very same scribble pad. The poor driver got a very X-rated look at my tattooed hide as I scrambled for my missing towel (somehow it landed halfway across the room), one hand across my tits and the other trying to cover my half-shaved lady garden. I stammered an apology as he grabbed his scribble pad and practically RUNS to his truck, so red his ears might be smoking.

My furry asshole of a dog is now watching me type this and I swear the bastard is laughing at me. Fuck my life.

Edit: holy shit! This is rapidly turning into one of my highest posts, and one of you crazy bastards popped my reddit gold cherry! Awesome :D now WTF do I do with it?

Edit edit: yup, this is now my top post AND made the front page. I love you screwballs.

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