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Naruto Manga Chapter 599: Tobi’s Reveal – Discussion (Read Description)
www.ps360hd2.com twitter.com www.youtube.com Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Well last week i had a bad Allergic reaction, and my face swelled up, i cant move the left side of my face, so i cant speak, the DR. said this could last for a while, so thats why i cant do any reviews, but ill be doing discussion vids where we can still talk about it on youtube! There’s always Forneverworld & Sawyer7mage lol Link to the creator of the Tobi portrait pictures, check out his work! deefricks.deviantart.com � 2002/2007 MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All rights reserved.

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Sasuke VS Itachi – 393 – My Eyes Fan Animation
** This is the old version, please see the updated one on my youtube account ** A project I did to get better familiar with Adobe After Effects aswell as improving animation / editing skills. The video is based off of Naruto chapter 393, but there are some differences. For example I had Itachi attempt a mangekyou activation before collapsing on the ground as compared to the manga where this does not happen. There are some problems with the video such as the lightsource being really inconsistent. Lighting and shading is not exactly my forte so I just decided to have some fun with it. As with the Jiraya VS Pain video, 3D was used in the making of the video. But this time I wanted it to feel more 2D so I tried to make the 3D a bit more subtle

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Sage Mode Naruto vs. Pain [ Cinematic Boss Battle ] Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Final Chapter: The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki – Earth Shatter [ Xbox 360 Gameplay ] A real tear jerker for me *sniffle* While training senjutsu on Mount Myoboku, Pain and Konan invade Hidden Leaf village causing destruction and chaos in their wake. Naruto finally arrives to stop Pain once and for all and put an end to this cycle of hatred bestowed to him by his sensei, Jiraiya. With his back against the wall and enraged, the nine-tails demon fox begins to take over until this process is halted by the Fourth Hokage, who reveals to Naruto that he is his father (finally!), and encourages his son to find out himself how to deal with Pain and what Naruto believes in. If you feel like skipping the cutscene the battle continues @14:30 More NSUNS2 battles: www.youtube.com Mashashi Kishimoto, Shonen Jump, Namco Bandai �2010

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