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You practically see them everywhere – from the Greater Los Angeles area to Anchorage, Alaska. Famed chefs’ Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich drill their MasterChef contestants to win and earn big from this challenge. Heck, even Four Seasons Hotel and Resort had launched its second tour. Without a doubt, food truck dining isn’t just a fad. It’s now a way of life, so much that restaurant owners feel threatened by this mobile dining alternative!

The thing about food trucks nowadays is that it has evolved in a way that it now serves diners who are commonly outside of their target market. While conventional food trucks still serve all-time favourites, gourmet food truck is now the name of the game.

Massive Food Truck Queue(Massive Food Truck Queue by mobile-cuisine.com)

Moveable Banquet Worthy of a 5-Star Review

Folks who are used to fine dining needn’t be wary of food trucks. Since its conception, food trucks have become so versatile that this mobile industry now mirrors gastronomical delights that are usually served at fine dining restaurants. Food trucks owned, managed, and run by renowned and classically trained chefs aren’t unheard of. In fact, Roy Choi, one of the pioneers of the reasonably priced yet sophisticated food truck movement, once worked at Beverly Hilton in LA as a chef. Cooks and chefs behind high-end food trucks know, understand, and have first-hand familiarities on how to deliver high-quality food and service to people who aren’t used to eating outside of gorgeous, cozy restaurants.

Sriracha Bar from Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ(Sriracha Bar from Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ)

High-end, cuisine-centered food trucks are booming not just in California (where food truck movement purportedly first started), but all over the country as well. Several food publications and food show specials have listed their picks of the “best food truck nationwide.” Majority of these picks go beyond the normal food truck menu of nachos and cola, subs and coffee, and pretzels and OJs. To attract well-off diners, the moveable banquet of food trucks now offer carte de jour of drool-worthy and sumptuous servings.

 (Hot Buttered Lobster Rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound)

Specialty Food Trucks for Foodies across the Country

Are you a practicing vegan? Don’t worry, vegan-centric food trucks are in abundance. In fact, PETA even listed its top five vegan-friendly food trucks that serve delicious and even fancy vegetarian dishes. The Cinnamon Snail that primarily serves vegan-organic courses tops this list.

Craving for a particular cuisine? Cuisine-centered food trucks are roaming around every major city in the country. Want Thai? Nashville’s award-winning DegThai fits the bill. Want a fusion of Chinese and Indian food? Chinese Mirch roams the streets of New York five times a week. Want to try French cuisine? Enjoy A Moveable Feast, a French mobile bistro and creperie for the Atlanta area.

Want to indulge in a yummy dessert? Dessert-special food trucks like Sprinkles Mobile, Churros Calientes, and Sweet Wheels are just three examples of amazing food trucks that cater to dessert-loving diners. These sweet mobile dining experience rivals one that you can find in a patisserie restaurant.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter grabs cupcakes from the Sprinkles Mobile(Modern Family’s Ariel Winter grabs cupcakes from the Sprinkles Mobile)

Mobile Dining as a New Foodie Experience

As a bon vivant, it’s easy enough to dine and wine in Michelin star restaurants all over the globe. Personal home chefs are also at your beck and call. But there’s something to be said about trying an alternative dining selection than your usual food repertoire. Food trucks—conventional or gourmet—can give you this new, gastronomical satisfaction. You won’t run out of varieties of food being served. More often than not, food trucks specialize in one particular food or one specific type of dish: organic, vegan, dessert, cuisine-oriented—you name it. 90% of the time you’ll find it in your area.

Taste-wise, your refined palate will surely sing its praises. One of the reasons why you always find a queue strung outside a food truck is because the food on the mobile menu always tastes divine. The wonderful aroma alone can tickle your appetite.

Food truck dining is laidback and casual. You don’t have to dress up for it. You can enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch alone or with your friends at Food Truck Sundays near your place. Or rather than ordering your usual Tuesday takeout, you can drop by at a food truck diner. You get to try out something new, get a bit of exercise, and watch people, too.

Food truck dining (gourmet or otherwise) now plays a big role in bringing easy, economical, and delicious gastronomical delights to diners. True to Marco Pierre White’s words, “Gastronomy is the highest form of therapy that an individual could be exposed to.”

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tales from the toilet

Tales from the Toilet

We humans have a very peculiar way of spending our time in public washrooms. From the “Does this dress make my ass look huge?” to “Do girls have sprinklers in their vaginas, my gawd the toilet seats”, every one of us is guilty of judging each other by the way we pee and act in public washrooms. I am a hundred and ten percent certain that many of us have witnessed or experienced the most outrageous scenes in the washrooms. Oh, if walls could talk, they’d be disgusted, but oh if they could gossip about the weird human species. Below are my top seven memorable toilet encounters. It’s not one of your typical top ten articles, but then again this is not your typical topic choice for an article either. It’s weird, just like my encounters.

Ew! Someone puts boogers on the bathroom stalls. Seriously?! There’s toilet paper right there. USE IT! Sometimes it’s nice to use a clean bathroom stall. Also, I quite enjoy reading the vandalism telling me I’m beautiful and not to forget to take the pill. So please, use the toilet paper and don’t disrupt my daily affirmations written so beautifully on the walls.

Vagina sprinklers. You all know who you are. If you’re squatting while peeing, please adjust yourself and surprisingly there is this box connected to the wall and it magically dispenses toilet paper!!! How amazing is that?!

The hand. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. I once had a stranger in the stall next door asks me for more toilet paper, with her hand sticking out from her own stall into mine. I don’t know what’s more terrifying, seeing a hand, or asking a stranger on the john for toilet paper. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

Toilet seat. Women normally do not pee with the toilet seat up. There are times I go to use the toilet and no, it’s not a start of a new day and the janitor has come in to clean the toilets, it’s actually at times when the washroom is busy. WHY IS IT UP?! One of you ladies, please explain to me why you put up the toilet seat!

No, I don’t share my lipstick. I was at a job interview and before going in, I decided to use the washroom to freshen up my make-up. I was minding my own business and putting on my favourite MAC Girl About Town lipstick, when a lady complimented me on my lipstick. I politely thanked her and went on about my business when she asked if she could use my lipstick. I stared at her blankly through the mirror hoping she realized what she asked, and sure enough she was waiting for an answer. I told her I was fighting a cold sore… really?!

Make the humming stop! I am no fan of hummers. I stop a family member, friend, or co-worker dead in their track with a cut eye, or a cringe. Humming is my biggest pet peeve, so you can imagine what it felt like hearing someone hum throughout her whole time in the bathroom. She was humming as she walked in, gave me a smile as I was getting out of the stall, she continued to hum as she entered the stall, and of course she kept humming as she peed. I cringed a few times as she paused in the middle of her humming…. Quite disturbing.

Ever encountered a stranger kicking stall doors open to see if the toilet is clean? Yeah, me too.

Share your most outrageous bathroom encounters, and remember to wash your hands before you start typing.  Also, don’t use your phone while on the toilet, the echoes, and flushing of toilets kind of giving away your whereabouts… just saying.

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Dude going for a stroll with his pet crab.

Dude going for a stroll with his pet crab.

Dude going for a stroll with his pet crab.

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