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My name is Mouna, and I’m here today with my Azerbaijani grandfather, Michael Mirson (born in Armenia as Mikhail Mirsayef). Opa (German for grandfather) not only has multifaceted perspective on the war, but with communist life in the USSR, post-war life in Germany, and American immigrant life. His experiences are unimaginable to someone like me, who has has lead a markedly different young adult life, from the man who raised me. His story has been featured on Azerbaijani television, and he did an IAMA post 2 years ago. These experiences were extremely emotional and rewarding for him, and he couldn’t be happier to go at it again. So please, ask away! I will be helping Opa answer all of your questions for the next two days. He goes to bed quite early (7 or 8PM eastern time), and will need some rests during the day, but is eager to interact with you all!

Here are some of his key life events:

  • Born in 1920 (1922 on paper) on a prosperous Armenian family farm
  • Experienced the communist takeover of his farm at 10 years
  • Fled to Yerevan, Armenia for veterinary school
  • Was conscripted to the Soviet Army in 1941
  • Was injured by shrapnel and lost his finger in an explosion
  • Was captured by the Germans in 1942
  • Spent 3 months in a prison camp
  • Was kept alive by his German captors to tend their wounded horses
  • Marched to the American lines when the war ended (he was in Austria)
  • Worked in a UNRA refugee camp
  • Married and had two children in Germany
  • Emigrated to the United States and had one more child
  • Worked various jobs incuding a farmer, factory worker, and diner owner
  • Finally was able to reunite with Azerbaijani family in the 70’s (they presumed him dead)
  • Raised 2 of his 3 grandchildren (who lost their own father), and now has 3 great grandchildren!
  • In his old age he has had a few health issues like a stroke, prostate cancer, and multiple joint replacement surgeries, but still walks 1 hour/day!

This is a photo of Opa in the Army:


Here is some identity proof:


Here is Opa on Azerbaijani TV:


Time for some lunch! We’ll be back in a bit! Thanks everyone!

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Details on who I is!: Ahoy Reddit! My name is Sean! I grew up playing StarCraft: BroodWar competitively (1998 to 2010ish) and wound up starting a SC strategy show called the Day[9] Daily. The show eventually grew into a full time business making gaming video content and flying all’round to events like BlizzCon, MLG, ESL, DreamHack etc! From there I met the wonderful people over at Geek and Sundry where they kindly invited me to host the delightful Spellslingers, a show where I play Magic: The Gathering w/ my nerd friends!

Season 2 of Spellslingers has just come out and can be viewed here! When I’m not making videos or hosting things, I am a full time designer over at Artillery Games making a fancy shmancy RTS called Atlas in the browser that, as far as I can tell, is powered by Prothean technology.

I’d love to answer any such questions you might have about Magic, gaming, game design, life, food, being a streamer/YouTuber, or Manfred.

My unphotoshopped Proof: https://twitter.com/day9tv/status/497472556962570240


Holy god so many questions! I’m going to try to stay a bit longer than another 90 minutes to spam out more. Time to test my WPM


I’m going to stop at 4pm PDT! We were scheduled to and at 3pm PDT, but what the hell. Reddit operates exclusively on upvotetime

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