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So…there’s 163 different horror movies in  this video.  Repeat appearances I do not count separately. To clarify/confuse, all Nightmare on Elm Street clips count as 1, as do all Friday the 13th clips (totaling out to 2/163 films).  However, I did count Freddy Vs. Jason as one tally, making it 3/163 films, but did not reward a +1 for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake.  So if you think that’s bull sh*t and it should not count, then consider this 162 Horror Movies in 2 1/2 minutes.   Also, you may count upwards of 190 different movies…if you do, that means you went through this frame by frame and need to go outside more.  The other 28 films, I do not count because they consist of 2 or less frames.  I am only counting the films that appear for 3 frames or more.

This video is dedicated to my friend Alex, who can’t watch horror movies but demand I describe all of them in full detail.

Also, check out the artist Hanni El Khatib’s album “WILL THE GUNS COME OUT”…and check out my movie Cove Road if you want too….if you want…

Jonathan Keogh

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My name is Kathy Eldon. My son, Dan Eldon, was a photojournalist with Reuters covering the Somali Civil War. He alerted the world to the horrors faced by Somali civilians, but he was murdered by a mob following a UN strike with heavy civilian casualties.

I struggled with forgiveness after Dan’s death—forgiving his killers and forgiving myself for not having been able to prevent it. I found peace with the men who murdered him by learning to see them as human, and with myself by working to keep Dan’s spirit alive. My new memoir, In the Heart of Life, tells the story.

I knew I needed to do something positive to honor Dan’s memory. I started the Creative Visions Foundation to help others like Dan use media and the arts to make meaningful changes to the world. To date, our creative activists have touched the lives of over 90 million people, and raised more than $11 million so they can continue their work.

You can help Creative Visions Foundation support these artists and creative activists by watching Beyond Right & Wrong on FilmRaise.com. You might remember the film from Jo Berry’s AMA. The community response to her story was so impressive, I thought I could share my own story of loss and forgiveness. Each view means $.50 goes to charity on your behalf (please consider the Creative Visions Foundation).

Ask me anything about how to forgive others and yourself after the death of a loved one, and how we can use art and media to make a meaningful impact on the world.


Edit Thank you for all of your questions. I have to head out for now, but keep asking! I will try to answer some more questions when I can this evening and tomorrow. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived this morning, but the experience has been profound and moving and I am grateful to have heard your stories and be able to share mine.

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