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Details on who I is!: Ahoy Reddit! My name is Sean! I grew up playing StarCraft: BroodWar competitively (1998 to 2010ish) and wound up starting a SC strategy show called the Day[9] Daily. The show eventually grew into a full time business making gaming video content and flying all’round to events like BlizzCon, MLG, ESL, DreamHack etc! From there I met the wonderful people over at Geek and Sundry where they kindly invited me to host the delightful Spellslingers, a show where I play Magic: The Gathering w/ my nerd friends!

Season 2 of Spellslingers has just come out and can be viewed here! When I’m not making videos or hosting things, I am a full time designer over at Artillery Games making a fancy shmancy RTS called Atlas in the browser that, as far as I can tell, is powered by Prothean technology.

I’d love to answer any such questions you might have about Magic, gaming, game design, life, food, being a streamer/YouTuber, or Manfred.

My unphotoshopped Proof: https://twitter.com/day9tv/status/497472556962570240


Holy god so many questions! I’m going to try to stay a bit longer than another 90 minutes to spam out more. Time to test my WPM


I’m going to stop at 4pm PDT! We were scheduled to and at 3pm PDT, but what the hell. Reddit operates exclusively on upvotetime

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EDIT 1: Yes, even Uncle Rico. His High School Girlfriend rides up on her bicycle; they share a sweet, secret smile. I believe what Uncle Rico truly dreamed of was getting his girlfriend back, not playing football.

EDIT 2: Yes, it’s me, Eric the composer. For those of you asked I would never let anyone post on my behalf. that includes all social media.

EDIT 3: I adore Reddit and (almost all of ) the Reddit community. I rarely sign in but I’m here nearly every day.

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