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Photon Baby Photon Baby is an arcade platformer with puzles and action challenges. It’s ambiented in a spooky castle and his graveyard, with sweet 16-bits cartoon graphics and it feature a full and original orchestrated soundtrack. I goes in a similar path than snowbros and bubbleblop, but in this you are a scientist with a photon-gun killing vampires, but each one is only affected by a certain colour light. So the main idea of the game is to bounce photons off of colored refractive surfaces to transform its color in order to kill the vampires, you will also need to mix colors too

Photon Baby – flash game play Photon Baby


Another celebrity, another knock out! This time you can have fun fighting the most annoying vampire in the world, Edward. Try to Knock his fangs out of his mouth!


<object width="480" height="480"><param name="animation" value="file"><embed src= "http://www.offuhuge.com/files/id1Ggb3P.swf" width="480" height="480"></embed></object><br /><a href='http://www.offuhuge.com/media/23172/Argent_Burst_Flash_Game/'>Argent Burst Flash Game</a>


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