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WARNING! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! I’m not trying to be an asshole when I set up these rules, I made the rules less strict then the ones on 4chan. Originally 4chan rules did fully apply here. I lightened them, but since you all think I can’t do anything about it. 738 whats that number mean? The amount of people I’ve reported to be shut down for harassment and have been suspended from youtube. When youtube starts banning IP’s is when rules will no longer apply. RULE7! 0.)SPOILING THIS VIDEO WILL RESULT IN INSTANT BLOCK AND COMMENT REMOVAL. YOU WOULDN’T WANT A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO TO BE RUINED BY ME WOULD YOU!? 1.)If you say I forgot a meme, your comment will be deleted and you will blocked. 2.)No fighting over what meme is better, If it gets outta hand I’ll pull out the blockhammer. 3.)If you come back here with an alt account, I can tell if its you. If you wise up, you’ll be unblocked. 4.)No advertising your channel or chainmail. 5.)don’t be stupid, this also applys to “fishing for likes”. 6.)requesting me to change things JUST FOR YOU will not happen. 7.) Deal with it. ========================= I HAVE LEFT YOUTUBE! JOIN MY WEBSITE! I POST ALL MY NEW VIDEOS ON IT! kingofmemes.webs.com


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at least she's in the halloween spirit.

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